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My fellow shills, this is a call for help [SERIOUS]

My dear and fellow shills, I am a long time lurker in this subreddit which I throughly enjoy. It's a lot of fun to see desperate, ignorant, tinfoil-hat hipsters and neckbeards lose all their money over a financial bubble and treating it like a religion. However:
In this very moment, a seminar on Bitcoin is taking place at my italian university. It's not an official seminar: it's been organised by an university association with a very shady history. Not only that, but the main speaker is Gianluca Comandini a "web expert" who has no problems in defining himself as an expert in social media manipulation, and who now works in the "Bitcoin industry". I'm listening to the conference at this very moment and it's pretty much evangelism ("decentralised currency, no inflation, no transaction costs", all the usual stuff we know and love). People in Italy however are completely unaware about the risks involved in Bitcoin. They only have a very vague idea about Bitcoin, something they've heard and think they might see opportunities behind it. Example: during the conference no one has mentioned the BitcoinXT/Bitcoin forking ONCE, and no one is batting an eye over it because they just do not know that happened. Now, unfortunately the university, which has allowed the conference to happen, probably suffers from the same ignorance. So I need your help. I won't go screaming inside there, but I do want to take this higher up. I need to make a point that these conferences should be balanced by critical perspectives, that don't treat Bitcoin as the holy grail of monetary currency.
I need all the failures you can find about Bitcoin. Private wallets going bankrupt, the BitcoinXT forking, developer drama, all the comedy gold you can find, high profile arrests, and in a way I can explain it to people who know little to nothing about Bitcoin. I need your help. Help me make people who know nothing see that there's smoke behind Bitcoin, and there's probably something burning. Thank you, and keep on shilling.
P.S. If I can take this off my mind I might be able to book the Rockfeller Tribute Band for the office christmas party at Bank of America, so help me out here!
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Bitcoin e Blockchain: 10 fatti che non puoi ignorare - YouTube Dalla nascita di Bitcoin, alle critpovalute - con Gian Luca Comandini a Crypto Coinference 2018 La Blockchain funziona perché non funzionano gli esseri umani  Gian Luca Comandini  TEDxFrascati Intervista a Gianluca Comandini Che cos'è Heroes - Gian Luca Comandini

Italy Selects Group Tasked With Developing National DLT Strategy. The Italian government has named the 30 individuals it has sought to develop a national strategy pertaining to distributed ledger and related technologies.. The individuals include 10 members of the business community with relevant trade associations to DLT, 10 representatives of organizations, think-tanks and academia, and 10 ... Italian Government Selects 30 Representatives to Develop DLT and Crypto Policy - Bitcoin and Ethereum news, analysis and review about technology, finance, blockchain and markets - cryptocurrency news. Updated news about bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies Italian Government Selects 30 Representatives to Develop DLT and Crypto Policy Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development recently published a list of the 30 individuals that the Italian government has tasked with developing the country’s regulatory strategy with regards to distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptocurrencies. Gian Luca Comandini is now an advisor of the CoinCrowd project! He has been with us through our critical stages, studying our progress and offering us his valued insight. Approaching his 28th… di Gianluca Comandini 20 Maggio 2019 Esperto in Bitcoin e Criptovalute. TRADINGTOP > Criptovalute > Migliori Piattaforme Criptovalute: Trading su Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Quali sono le Migliori Piattaforme Trading di Criptovalute? Il boom delle criptovalute e dei bitcoin ha creato un problema tra tutti gli appassionati e investitori: le difficoltà di registrazione negli exchange e i ...

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Bitcoin e Blockchain: 10 fatti che non puoi ignorare - YouTube

A voi il video dell'intervento di Gian Luca Comandini, Founder @Blockchain Core e Co-Founder L’avvento di Bitcoin è stato un percorso lungo che ha visto la sua nascita nel 2008 fino ad ... Blockchain can solve the problem of trust between people. Comandini is one of the main expert of Blockchain applications in economy This talk was given at a ... Barbara Gasperini, giornalista del Corriere della Sera, intervista Gianluca Comandini, Imprenditore digitale, al convegno di Piccola Industria "Sul Filo dell'Innovazione. Visioni per le PMI che ... SEI UN IMPRENDITORE e VUOI FARE IMPRESA IN ITALIA? "Sognate, rischiate, fallite. Ecco cosa consiglio agli imprenditori per rivoluzionare il proprio business". Questo il suggerimento di Gian Luca ... Riccardo Carnevale intervista il prof. Gian Luca Comandini, docente di Social Media Marketing alla Sapienza, founder e CEO You&Web, sul tema Bitcoin...