Bitcoin Fraudster Receives 18-Month Prison Time

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According to Reuters, Trendon Shavers, founder of the Bitcoin Savings and Trust company, received 18 months in prison and was ordered to pay back $1.25 million to his victims. The sentence was ... Bitcoin is Money, Say Federal Judge. A few weeks ago, we covered the story of Trendon T. Shavers, a Texas man charged by the SEC with running a Bitcoin ponzi scheme.Now labeled the “Bernie Madoff of Bitcoin,” Mr. Shavers founded and operated Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BTCST), and over 700,000 BTC through this investment vehicle, an amount equivalent to nearly $5 million USD at the time of ... A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are... Bitcoin price Cryptocurrency Bitcoin chart PayPal Bitcoin Price Index Blockchain Monero Bitcoin investors Investment Ponzi scheme Bitcoin Venture Winklevoss Bitcoin Retail Payments Money 2020 Winklevoss Capital Bitcoin Market David Marcus Kraken Dark Web Trendon Shavers CoinDesk Dark Pool Riccardo Spagni Amazon Trezor Woodcoin Dark Wallet (Bit)coin Bitcoin wallet on the Bitcoin Forum, Shavers wrote that BTCST investors could have their BTCST account set up to automatically reinvest rather than pay out earnings. SEC v. Trendon T. Shavers, et al 4 COMPLAINT . 19. On or about February 12, 2012, in a post on the Bitcoin Forum, Shavers wrote that anyone wishing to open a new BTCST account needed a referral, although he did not indicate whether the referral ...

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BITCOIN and LITECOIN Update, NEXT BIG MOVE !?? btc ltc price prediction, analysis, news, trading

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