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Quark is a decentralized digital monetary system. It facilitates sending Quarks to Friends, Family Members Online Payments free of charges and charge-backs. Military Grade Encryption. No Bank or Government Control. Quark coins are based on the original idea of Bitcoin but improved, more secure, faster transaction times and zero fees. With improvements to design and security. There is also a greater coin supply with higher block rewards for miners. Quark is fully Open Source.


Sup-sup Monteros!
Here is report from XMR.RU-team!

The whole XMR.RU team is thankful to you for your support and donations that help to disseminate relevant information about Monero.
The following articles were translated into Russian and posted not only on XMR.RU but also on Bitcointalk, Forum.Bits.Media,, Steemit, Medium and Facebook:


I also want to remind you about the wonderful channel of our wonderful u/v1docq47 where you can watch video news about Monero
Few of you understand Russian, but I think it is not difficult to subscribe to the channel and put a couple of likes, and this will help to spread Monero among Russian-speaking users in the future.

Who we are?
Group of Monero enthusiasts from Ukraine and Russia.
What are we doing?
We spread the word about Monero for the whole CIS.
You can support us, so we can translate more interesting stuff about Monero.

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Here you can see for what all donations are spent on. ;-)

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Sup-sup Monteros! :-)
Here is report from XMR.RU-team!
I want to thank you for your support and your donations. The following articles were translated into Russian and posted not only on XMR.RU but also on Bitcointalk, Forum.Bits.Media,, Steemit, Medium and Facebook:
Who we are?
Group of Monero enthusiasts from Ukraine and Russia.
What are we doing?
We spread the word about Monero for the whole CIS.
You can support us, so we can translate more interesting stuff about Monero.
XMR: 42CxJrG1Q8HT9XiXJ1Cim4Sz18rM95UucEBeZ3x6YuLQUwTn6UWo9ozeA7jv13v8H1FvQn9dgw1Gw2VMUqdvVN1T9izzGEt
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Here you can see for what all donations are spent on. ;-)

Cheers! :-)

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SegWit 2x for on December 28: Scam?

I've stumbled across this link (I can't put the actual link, AutoModerator removes it, google for b2x segwit if you want it)
Note: this seems to be NOT the origianl Segwit 2x, but see this comment from me about "name stealing".
Now I'm trying to figure out if this is a scam or not with some arguments for and against.
Launching December 28th.
The website looks quite professional with lots of translations and promise.
There is definitely open-source code (with some changes as recently as 5 days ago)
Added X11 mining and DGW (Dark Gravity Wave DAA from Dash?):
There is definitely a premine of 2 million coins (doesn't seem to stop people usually from speculating)
And a lot of promises on the page like zk-snarks.
Reported by CoinTelegraph, The Merkle and huge Russian newspaper and some others are publishing the news too.
Like BCH it also has Bitcoin name, bigger blocks (4MB + SegWit) and DAA (not sure about RBF). Also X11 means no fighting for hash rate (as I understand, some Baikal miners can mine it, sold out, so I guess mostly GPU mining).
Doesn't seem to have any of original followers of SegWit 2x, but lists a lot of exchanges, incl. YoBit, HitBTC, also WebMoney for some reason (an electronic non-crypto currency in Russia) and FreeWallet (isn't that a known scam that steals people money?)
Frankly even as a person who has a lot of understanding of Bitcoin - it's quite confusing to me. It has almost all advantages of BCH (yes, it doesn't follow Satoshi's vision, but most people won't care about that).. It has dark sides and positive sides..
A lot of people who have money and transactions stuck right now might see it as a "cool faster Bitcoin"..
There is some small discussion on BitcoinScamCoins, which implies that LinkedIn profiles are fake.
I'd call that scam, but as a developer - there is a lot of added code and it seems to be real code. At least there is value in that. Also the features added are quite nice (big blocks, DAA)..
In the Russian article on the authors claim (via Google Translate): "According to Fork organizers, 85 percent of the hash (that is, computing power) is on their side." (That also tilts the scale to "scam" side, because with X11 mining - there couldn't be hash power on their side.. all this hash power is mining other coins now)
Again, Automoderator removed my first message (visible thanks to public mod logs of btc), which also seems to signal scam.. If somebody cared to add that rule - probably there was a considerable spam from this domain.
So, would it be valuable in the eyes of general public? Scam or useful and why? Higher than Bitcoin Gold in market cap? Thoughts?
(Personally I feel like everybody should stay away from this, but I have no strong arguments to support that - read the comments why I don't think using SegWit 2x name and pre-mine to be weak arguments)
The two stronger arguments that I see is: they lie about about 85% hash rate being on their side and they didn't clearly mark that they are not the "original" SegWit 2x even if they intend to do the same thing.
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SR1 trial: DPR's private key

One of the released evidence exhibits (torrent, 538MB) is GX 296.pdf (mirror), which is a PGP private key, specifically: SilkRoad.asc, "dated modified 11/22/2011 8:21:46 AM".
This is the ASCII-armored private key of the main DPR public key, the one he signed forum posts with and messaged with people. I was surprised to see it screenshotted like that, and I thought it would be hilarious if I could take the private key and announce that I was actually the real DPR by signing it with his key (since I've occasionally been accused of it).
But it's a screenshot and not something one can copy-paste, which makes things difficult since every letter has to be perfect for the key to be valid. So I took an evening to carefully transcribe it; it took multiple passes to figure out each and every transcription error (mostly 1/l, O/0, which look nearly identical in the font*), but I finally did it:
-----BEGIN PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux) lQO+BE2VWMwBCADcoI5qldde46EI80fHSTCS4CuJn1Py4AQjJvpAqFColeAm9xb1 /hb0ZUsG3vwod7uiPJdMlq3+1o3TSv9JlO3DPf7I50owQ9+S1ixXebouTvfpEKSb dq1IWAu+O4PtlmFEb76MOmjOzoeV8We8kCRFq8ThoK979A1DR09KsaDfSjCITdsU mQyVaRN0dCaj33V/QAPQybYAjNDEiNd0e1tV22n1dl6z2oVUgfJiuTVI5C0FhSKP c3odexbKUSVk9tkUWcfnk8+9HF5jGNHnUSjWxMkG1uZUDdWKl4yJqQhBHdYqcz8A hcJ6xADbFeoYEO6z5NEjXV0KmoDRCi4C7gdfABEBAAH+AgMC7Hbd7rIjH9vHfrZp /lhwGpLJknlcg/xD4nhaFtrlAVW5Lqn/oL/JqXKX6buPMGWsqrc+E/7A1ZMMHTl0 bn99MSQi1mTkCVyJP4xTpKouLmLIxvzy2/GOMGS03QX8iSzbE4j0el/c5YlYEQr4 genr8Xq9Iyv73W+1n+yOQvJ9PqaMFdyAZLIdNuEgBzvXSt00a5bLKjbL/KuoTdrA C3D1bc0HDlKnzVLcSAFat+y6A5B4EuI/d1oW2Id1tq3azuUpEb9ctG26sYtw7ipE edNjcwsO9XA+vNTnPy9ms698yf615Bwioih5FYNM3Vsqc1zLpv5XwdYWWRW4WRIW xiqqgv6oGh6+HU9XMV937+1VNDf4k4sNXECjxQ4B0MX/F5eWEsfIlqt4V2HMEDE/ eQ0zQbVRhf2MBJ6n6Vw6DDEUEv+4Dn9CUdYSyJPsK7/0JLO/VnKoPqvwhq+p7hZ4 JMHPWwFoMsT3Nuj15Nk3CrgDGE9C6GSyP88BTnSbgyqe9erFHXTOm80r6OfKpDVB h8/nt7iCFxlPcTLqkUoZf1ZwmlJCSD5fB9/yaAwTc3klFdkiPe0ZFODa/aLOqZrG AoYLsPMt9fntzrnXfwsTthkBxDSFiTxxxlRe1eQeRlALO2Bm5Qfn6jRGhrIraX RksscWcFWptjVlm9CDr2al7otX/RPqFjX3uiJMZfBFoYDmb49xdGaptlMCHaD6Wm XJFb4Wiu1ovERN38AT6IxXFPmPJw6SKrSmVeV5Pmn9+SHtfjAA+st0EMGhzBtW2N uZr0wwO1/EcrzaOP4So7n7IqmG3nKafibY2q5Occn/BHqvTKaik+q4b6a/vVdTtl Erp3hXlGk/6UpBLT5RYbU4p7WLGAj5r8DAyH0kI1+tcCxBKD9WVLSFzYqH9Ea59g 77QkU2lsayBSb2FkIDxzdGFmZkBzaWxrcm9hZG1hcmtldC5vcmc+iQE4BBMBAgAi BQJNlVjMAhsPBgsJCAcDAgYVCAIJCgsEFgIDAQIeAQIXgAAKCRACIkI7Z7f6JV/P B/92DrCPpqfzF6EPu1g6Mxt/39EAosKr4YwmVE5DuY+g6pR2dOtDfvkt3QxQkURB QeyaKOQNuXus4vDQi4kcmzHD3DLmc0A0wQzGOyl0a+LwdqUOtckL4SIPbEzSDP9e sOZOweGkBkSDB13KBkW4fFbDGkEcYHZyUt/jFgxflMLtnxAksR1fH0NbmZnUr1e4 L7p+QylRuXOhGLObOTU0n7KDbuZijgqKDKyV6yEXfLJDrZqzlqmoh+DJisn+53Br glDwt7p3MHR3ejyausNeodK7FJ0sY0uHUHuUOmF2xDGvHVb/jrwS5sb7k8YMuq ptRgsMLFLebgM3jrCg78g23k =D+ez -----END PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK----- 
This imports into my GPG without any CRC problems and with correct metadata, so it should be right. But it turns out to be passphrase-protected! Dammit! My first try to decrypt it was to take the server exhibit, write down every password given in it, and try those:
109j7IAier 2n3fh4n3o 2t31fKF5hm 2WBx5obj 34534r3f 384jdridh 3j483r87yfn38 _47JB+p1\j}[email protected](L[nZ)#W- 4B5HMiJYy0N0bbK5 4pVAW9bv 4W8IWDjInLguJD8T 83drj3984 8pz2PGGEmn3h3hGJ 8sa7dhf8a7 938ru39 9MPGCtBK abrault66 abstractapproachfillsthemindwithjoy acharlton66 achrlton66 ameeraissa66 [email protected] [email protected] bTyL5RbC cbrady66 cdigby66 dboone66 dFDrN345DSftX dQsQRighnXczcphJ dsmith66 dwallace66 dwiurhi37n EgXcn1ANYF eK5nJgfDqERQ3K96 fahu6wq4ue fwarren66 gboyle66 gtilly66 hallahaa hR6vpCxaGY HuKKtaoLLa hulluh832 J39hlF4n Je)pae]yuxeif7xi jknCRfR3yq3hbtzp k8JqM7Cijw kborunda66 kclark66 LaQXhcURAGMME3gq lmackrell66 lzielinski66 mgatewood66 nlbosm42093 nsj8jdke oh3bdc8wcn rlvrGdex RPGLdgjjveBtHpEN SD8rcicL sfa76ht7 sofas-qxsch sums-XATq86P the2Fieshaqu tkiW23GL U5f305OX Uha4zFYo v6ay080942 w732ihrw7e w8j374847dhw wefi7y4mwh wjBSGHvfEQdfh9oZ x4TiJfRE XUVYNGBgvu7fb5Hw yMrEATSQ7BsBEouV zFAvzSBUXcC0 zS08HbISvSZcB5Ex 
None of these seemed to work for me. (imposter also tried the Elcom dictionary +0-9, 6-9 characters, alphabet, lowercase.)
So then I turned to a password cracker, specifically John the Ripper (WP), whose bleeding-jumbo edition I compiled with OpenCL (so it could use my wimpy GPU, which for Bitcoin mining could do something like 50mh/s); John doesn't handle GPG natively, but it apparently does ship with a tool gpg2john to convert the passphrase hash to something it can work with, which yields:
Silk Road:$gpg$*1*668*2048*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*3*254*2*2*8*7eb669fe58701a92*6029312*ec76ddeeb2231fdb:::Silk Road ::/home/gwern/sr.asc 
I think one could also try pgpry but I didn't since I got john up and running before I saw it.
Since the server passwords failed, and I saw a variety of characters and capitalizations, I had john do bruteforce:
john --format=gpg-opencl --incremental=ASCII sr-hash 
I ran it for about a week, and finally lost my patience. I was hoping it'd be like one of the short passphrases in the server password list, which would have been bruteforced by now. I wound up ending john at
0g 9:13:13:11 0g/s 74.14p/s 74.14c/s 74.14C/s dsssii..dlshk2 
(john.log, john.rec)
Oh well. It was worth a shot. Not everything pans out.
But maybe someone with a GPU cluster or better at password cracking wants to give it a shot and reveal the passphrase? I can't pretend to be DPR after posting this, but it would still be interesting to go back and decrypt some of the messages to DPR on the SR1 forums. (Why should LE have all the snooping fun?)
* these characters also mean OCR is not very useful for transcribing crypto keys; every character has to be perfect, so since you're going to be going character-by-character anyway... One thought I had was that the right key was only maybe 5-10 edits away from the OCR version or my first hand-draft, so it should be feasible to brute-force all versions within a certain edit distance to see if their CRC is right or brute-force specific transpositions. But I don't transcribe keys nearly often enough to bother writing such a tool.
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What Is BitCoin Mining? and Should You Mine?

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